Law Enforcement

PTI provides LE Special Tactics teams and individual Law Enforcement officers with current and relevant training in CQB, Active Shooter and Terrorist Response, as well as a Patrol Officer Survival Series of course offerings.

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Private Security

At Proteus Training Institute, we provide training that meets and exceeds the Florida Security D and G certification standards as set forth by the Department Agriculture Division of Licensing.

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Personal Protection

The curriculum is based on the real-world experience of our instructors obtained through operations in global hot spots. We care very deeply about helping citizens shorten the timeline to the highest level of performance achievable when faced with an imminent threat.

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Proteus Training Institute


179 College Drive, Suite 18, Orange Park 32065

Contact us at 904-299-3534 option 3,

Proteus Training Institute’s Core Values:

  1. Competence
  2. Intelligence
  3. Integrity
  4. Accountability
  5. Consistency

Our Motto:  AMAT VICTORIA CURAM: Victory Loves Preparation

Proteus Training Institute’s Mission Statement:

PTI’s instructors have spent decades being sent to all of the world’s most dangerous places. We actively put our training to the test on a regular basis. PTI’s training is driven from the passion of its instructors to relay timely and effective training and tactics to the individuals that use them to save others, protect their family, and protect their community. This isn’t something we want to do for fun or a quick buck, we are driven to give back.


All training provided at Proteus Training Institute directly relates to a tactical situation. PTI instructors regularly utilize their tactical skills then put them through the PTI evaluation cycle and plan how we will improve them, then we begin training. We isolate each skill in each drill then put then provide them to you in complex realistic scenario-based training. Perfection is the objective, because your lives are on the line. This is our training mentality. PTI believes in a layered approach to training. We clear away distractions and training theatrics to isolate skills that must be performed at speed to a level of perfection to help you survive a deadly encounter.