Proteus Training Institute

179 College Drive, Suite 18, Orange Park 32065

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PTI offers a wide range of life saving courses for both civilians and first responders. Instructors draw upon their extensive real-world experience to deliver hands-on training in proven life saving techniques. Courses range from learning how to recognize life threats and providing Basic life support, dealing with wilderness situations not found in an urban environment, to treating the wounded in a tactical environment. All courses provide an in-depth understanding of emergency issues, and stresses critical thinking skills to help practitioners and civilians make the best decisions for their patients.  Courses include CPR/AED, Adult First Aid, Pediatric First Aid, Wilderness First Aid, Stop the Bleed, Basic life support, Tac-Med (IFAK), etc.

Contact us for more information and let us know what training you need for your agency or organization.  We can offer training in our Training Institute at 179 College Drive, #18, Orange Park Florida 32065 or if you’ll have a large class size and would like training at your facility, we’ll come to you.  Contact us at to discuss your needs and appropriate pricing.