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Firearms Training

All of PTI’s firearms classes are conducted by using lecture as well as guided discovery to introduce our students to the principles and procedures. While on the range, we conduct each drill around a performance-based methodology. We don’t want to waste anyone’s time, money or ammunition. We believe each repetition is meaningful and it develops one of two things, an incorrect or a correct neural pathway and, therefore we begin by conducting each rep in a methodical, repeatable manner, verbalizing each movement to cognitively imprint correct movement and application. Through this method you achieve consistency, proficiency, efficiency, accuracy and then speed. In a self-protection situation these all come together to produce lethality (stopping the threat).  While Florida has instituted concealed constitutional carry effective 7/1/2023, we encourage anyone carrying a firearm to become proficient to avoid the legal consequences of a bad engagement.  We offer concealed carry training certification and will help you to acquire your CCW license.  We have specialized equipment to help facilitate firearms training.  To learn more, please contact our training department by phone or email: Contact us at 904-299-3534 option 3, .

Would you like more information on the State of Florida’s concealed constitutional carry law HB 543? Click here.