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Security Training

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Proteus Training Institute, LLC: located at 179 College Drive, Suite 18, Orange Park Florida 32065.  Park in available spaces in front and back.  Parking also available in the next lot over.  Please do not park in the 3 spaces in front of the medical care facility next door.  Thank you!

Upcoming Statewide Firearms Classes & Re-qualifications

Courses (Access our [ Calendar ] for more details)

To register for a class, please email: and specify which class(es) & date(s) you’re interested in.  Please provide the following information:

  • Your name:
  • Your desired course(s):
  • Course Date you’d like to attend:
  • Your agency (if not self-sponsored):
  • Your supervisor Name / point of contact & phone number: 
  • Are you sponsored (class paid for by) your agency or are you self-sponsored (paying for yourself)?
  • Please indicate your understanding of the arrival time and the class hours: 

If you’d like to inquire about individual courses in CPR/AED, Stop the bleed, Basic First Aid, Taser/OC certification, please email for more information.  If you’d like to speak with someone directly, please contact us at 904-299-3534 option 3.  An instructor will return your call.


The State of Florida requires applicants to have the security D and G license to work private armed security. Each security license, D and G, are separate licenses that allow a security officer to work in an unarmed (D) or armed (both D and G) capacity. To apply for the class G, the applicant must already have or be in the process of applying for the Florida class D security license. At Proteus Training Institute, we provide training that meets and exceeds the Florida Security certification standards as set forth by the Department Agriculture Division of Licensing.

Included with the Guard Course (D), 40 hours, we will provide training and certification in CPR/AED, Basic first aid, Stop the bleed, hand cuffing techniques, less lethal OC (Pepper) Spray, Taser.  These are standard with your registration fee.  Payment is made at the facility on the first day of the training session.  Contact us at or 904-299-3534 option 3, to learn more and inquire about course rates.

For the current or future security officer who wants to develop their security skill sets and/or become more proficient and efficient at the skill sets the currently possess, PTI has a catalog of personal protection, medical and firearms training courses that translate to security work perfectly.

Agency owners, PTI provides advanced training not only as part of the security curriculum, but also offers classes in hand cuffing, de-escalation, personal protection, CPR/AED, First Responder, room clearing, situational awareness, less lethal (Pepper Spray techniques and Taser certification), stand your ground, and much more.  These course certifications may assist you with lowering your liability insurance costs.  If you have a large enough group of candidates, we’re happy to provide training at your facility, if this is easier.  We travel across the state.  Check with us for your specific needs.


  • D License Course: $100.  Discounts for agencies sending multiple candidates: 2-4 $90, 5+ $80.
  • G License Course: $195 (your gun, your ammo), $250 (our gun, our ammo), plus range fee paid to the range.
  • G Recertification Course: $50, (plus range fee paid to the range).
  • G Rifle / Shotgun Certification Course: $125 (your gun, your ammo)
  • G Rifle/ Shotgun Certification Course $170 (our gun, our ammo)
  • Independent Taser/OC Certification Course $195.  This is a dual qualification class.

If you are a self-sponsored Security Officer student looking for agency recommendations for employment, please speak with our instructors for local reputable Security Agencies.  We’ll be happy to supply names and/or business cards to assist you in finding employment.  If you are sponsored by a Security Agency for the appropriate courses, you are already offered employment – congratulations!  We are a Training Institute and not a security or law enforcement agency.